AntiSCAM Guide

Hi guys,
Now I will tell you how to identify a fraudulent site.
When you registered on the site, remember if there were sites with a similar design.Often scammers make a new site without changing template.
At normal long-term PTC site deposit bonus promotions not more than +30% from deposit amount.If Admin offering you how example 50% Deposit Bonus, this site still scam very fast.
Based RR discounts up to 30%(240 days extension).If PTC site give you big discounts to referals exntesion(like 20% for 30 days) this site have high potential to fast scam.Real average for long-term PTC site it’s not more than 0.7-1 if RR click $0.01 or 7-9 if RR click $0.001.High AVG of referrals can not be called an indicator of a long-term project!
Sites from CAN Group(w3adz and other)?These sites are trusted?I think what w3adz can give high AVG to members because these sites receive huge investments from members daily so they work on the principle of a pyramid which will burst sooner or later, but when, it is unknown to anyone.
+One monent: at normal sites rented referals not profitale for standard members
Low cost upgrades, upgrade discounts more than 20% also a sign of scam
I don’t think what whois help indetify scam.Scammer may hidden your personal information or give fake personal information there.
Scammers too working at other PTC sites you can look code their admin ads(how rule admin ads – standard ads and fixed high place) and look their reflinks
90% PTC sites using Evolution script, unfornately you can only check license this script.
Many scammers are copying a welcome message, contests, promotions from their old scam sites.After signup I recommend read Admin posts and check.
Paypal NOT ACCEPTED PTC sites, they violate their TOS now.But scammers create PTC sites with Paypal that after month say “Paypal limited my account they has broken my dream” and runaway with fully pockets…
Unfornately, site still scam even Admin don’t want this.Hackers, cheaters, DDOS attacks, Admin’s health and other problems in real life can destroy site.So remember: any site can become a scam